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The amygdala modulates memory consolidation of fear-motivated inhibitory avoidance learning but not classical fear conditioning.

Although the lateral and basal nuclei of the amygdala are believed to be essential for the acquisition of Pavlovian fear conditioning, studies using post-training manipulations of the amygdala in the inhibitory avoidance learning paradigm have recently called this view into question. We used the GABA(A) agonist muscimol to functionally inactivate these nuclei immediately after single-trial Pavlovian fear conditioning or single-trial inhibitory avoidance learning. Immediate post-training infusions of muscimol had no effect on Pavlovian conditioning but produced a dose-dependent effect on inhibitory avoidance. However, pre-training infusions dose-dependently disrupted Pavlovian conditioning. These findings indicate that the amygdala plays an essential role in the acquisition of Pavlovian fear conditioning and contributes to the modulation of memory consolidation of inhibitory avoidance but not of Pavlovian fear conditioning.[1]


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