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Global role for chromatin remodeling enzymes in mitotic gene expression.

Regulation of eukaryotic gene expression requires ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes, such as SWI/SNF, and histone acetyltransferases, such as Gcn5p. Here we show that SWI/SNF remodeling controls recruitment of Gcn5p HAT activity to many genes in late mitosis and that these chromatin remodeling enzymes play a role in regulating mitotic exit. In contrast, interphase expression of GAL1, HIS3, PHO5, and PHO8 is accompanied by SWI/SNF-independent recruitment of Gcn5p HAT activity. Surprisingly, prearresting cells in late mitosis imposes a requirement for SWI/SNF in recruiting Gcn5p HAT activity to the GAL1 promoter, and GAL1 expression also becomes dependent on both chromatin remodeling enzymes. We propose that SWI/SNF and Gcn5p are globally required for mitotic gene expression due to the condensed state of mitotic chromatin.[1]


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