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Post-column oxidative derivatization for the liquid chromatographic determination of phenothiazines.

A first post-column chemical derivatization method for the liquid chromatographic determination of phenothiazines is presented. Peroxyacetic acid is introduced as a derivatizing agent for phenothiazines, yielding the colored radical cations or fluorescent sulfoxides, depending on reaction conditions. Both reaction products were successfully employed for the detection of the phenothiazines after their liquid chromatographic separation. The fluorescence spectroscopic detection of the sulfoxides proved to be the more robust and sensitive method. Limits of detection ranged from 4 nM for triflupromazine and trimeprazine to 300 nM for phenothiazine for the fluorescence spectroscopic detection of the sulfoxide and from 0.3 microM for phenothiazine and triflupromazine to 2 microM for trifluperazine for the UV-Vis spectroscopic detection of the radical cation. The calibration functions for the fluorimetric sulfoxide determination ranged from two to more than three decades, starting at the limit of quantification.[1]


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