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Chemical Compound Review

Spansule     N,N,2-trimethyl-3- phenothiazin-10-yl...

Synonyms: Alimezine, Repetin, Teralen, Oxomemazin, Alimemazina, ...
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Disease relevance of Alimemazine


High impact information on Alimemazine

  • Our data suggest that repetin and SPRR1A and 2A are downregulated in response to the downregulation of Klf4 in the transgenic animals, which would contribute to decreased protein crossbridging leading to fragile, defective cornified envelopes [6].
  • We demonstrate that MHC class II Ags can be experimentally induced on thyroid cells by pharmacologic concentrations of alimemazine, a drug commonly used in psychiatry [7].
  • Our results indicate that repetin is indeed a member of the fused gene family similar to the prototypical members profilaggrin and trichohyalin [8].
  • The human repetin gene is a member of the "fused" gene family and localized in the epidermal differentiation complex on chromosome 1q21 [8].
  • The repetin protein of 784 amino acids contains EF (a structure resembling the E helix-calcium-binding loop-F helix domain of parvalbumin) hands of the S100 type and internal tandem repeats typical for CE precursor proteins, a combination which is characteristic for "fused" proteins [8].

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