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Chemical Compound Review

Contomin     3-(2-chlorophenothiazin-10- yl)-N,N...

Synonyms: Aminazin, Fenactil, Fenaktyl, Aminazine, Largactil, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of Largactil


Biological context of Largactil

  • Using distinct vesicular transport mutants and chlorpromazine, we have identified the eIF2alpha kinase Gcn2p and the eIF4E binding protein Eap1p as major mediators of the translation attenuation response [14].
  • Sir3 hyperphosphorylation is correlated with reduced subtelomeric silencing, increased subtelomeric cell wall gene expression, and stress resistance to chlorpromazine, but does not affect the silent HML and rDNA loci [20].
  • However, two phenotypically distinct memory T cell populations were established depending on the system used; whereas those for anti-KLH antibody response were enriched in the fraction expression 6C10 (Fr. III), memory T cells for the allogeneic MLR lacked such expression (Fr. IV) [21].
  • This alteration of phenotype and interleukin secretion was also demonstrable when starting with 3G11+6C10- cells (Fr. I), the fraction that secretes IL-2 exclusively upon activation [21].
  • Stomatocytosis and endocytosis were induced in normal intact human erythrocytes by incubation with three agents: primaquine, vinblastine, and chlorpromazine, each of which has its own requirements and time course for producing endocytosis [22].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Largactil

  • In the F2 cells, few detectable R-type particles and cytoplasmic vacuoles were revealed by electron microscopy [23].
  • In the 32 hours after treatment there was an overall reduction in stool output of 66 +/- 5% in the chlorpromazine-treated patients [28].
  • Effectiveness of the chlorpromazine was determined by comparing oral therapy failure rates, purging rates, vomiting rates, i.v. fluid requirements and hospitalization time in groups of the patients receiving and not receiving the drug [33].
  • METHODS: We did a meta-analysis of all randomised controlled trials in which new generation antipsychotics had been compared with low-potency (equivalent or less potent than chlorpromazine) conventional drugs [34].
  • The findings are of practical significance for readings of abnormality in the ECG of phenothiazine-treated patients [35].


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