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Sentinel lymph node identification in breast cancer: feasibility study.

The aim of the study was to evaluate in our institute the technique of sentinel node (SN) identification and biopsy in the surgical treatment of early breast cancer. Between June 1998 and November 1999 54 patients (age range, 31-75 years) where studied. Inclusion criteria were age less than 75 years, indication for conservative surgery, absence of palpable axillary nodes, Karnofksy index >70. Lymphoscintigraphy was performed 16-18 hours prior to surgery, following injection of 0.1-0.2 mL of 99mTc-Nanocoll: the administered activity was 3-4 MBq in group A (44 pts) and 7-8 MBq in group B (10 pts). The colloids were administered by transdermal supralesional injection in 49 patients with palpable nodules and by intraparenchymal ultrasound-guided injection in five patients with non-palpable nodules. Planar projections were performed starting from the 5th until the 80th min (or 180th in the event of late migration). In 10 patients further projections were acquired 14-18 h following tracer administration. All nodes identified by gamma probe (MR 100 Pol.Hi.Tech) were histologically evaluated by immunohistochemistry and standard histology. Scintigraphic visualization of the SN was obtained in 49 patients: in 38 of these patients there was only one SN while in 11 patients there were two or three SNs. The delayed scan made in 10 patients did not show any further nodes. In all patients given US-guided perilesional injections migration was late (after at least 60 min). Our study confirms the validity of the scintigraphic procedure, its safety for patients and health care workers, and the feasibility of interdisciplinary collaboration.[1]


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