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Chemical Compound Review

Banarat     4-amino-N-quinoxalin-2-yl...

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Disease relevance of Banarat

  • Three different prolin reach peptide sequences, interacting with NCp7, were isolated, from a constrained phage displayed-peptide library of 10(8) independent clones [1].
  • Therefore, we tested the culture medium of Streptomyces plicatus for prolin-specific peptidases [2].

High impact information on Banarat


Biological context of Banarat


Gene context of Banarat

  • It is suggested that prolin is an essential constituent of amelogenin and therefore its positions in the molecule have been conserved after the evolutionary divergence of reptiles and mammals [8].
  • A 350 mm laparoscopic gamma scintyprobe MR 100 type 11, 99mTc settled (Pol Hi Tech), was used intraoperatively for SLN detection [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Banarat

  • During thoracoscopy a 11 mm diameter-collimated probe connected to a gamma ray detector (Scinti Probe MR 100 - Pol., Aquila - Italy), is introduced by a 11.5 mm trocar and the pleural surface of the suspected area was scanned [10].
  • Contralateral and ipsilateral lymphatic areas were scanned with a hand-held gamma camera (Scintiprobe MR 100) to measure the background and identify the hot point indicating the location of the sentinel node to direct the incision [11].


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