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Structure of the 5th transmembrane segment of the Na,K-ATPase alpha subunit: a cysteine-scanning mutagenesis study.

To study the structure of the pathway of cations across the Na, K-ATPase, we applied the substituted cysteine accessibility method to the putative 5th transmembrane segment of the alpha subunit of the Na,K-ATPase of the toad Bufo marinus. Only the most extracellular amino acid position (A(796)) was accessible from the extracellular side in the native Na,K-pump. After treatment with palytoxin, six other positions (Y(778), L(780), S(782), P(785), E(786) and L(791)), distributed along the whole length of the segment, became readily accessible to a small-size methanethiosulfonate compound (2-aminoethyl methanethiosulfonate). The accessible residues are not located on the same side of an alpha-helical model but the pattern of reactivity would rather suggest a beta-sheet structure for the inner half of the putative transmembrane segment. These results demonstrate the contribution of the 5th transmembrane segment to the palytoxin-induced channel and indicate which amino acid positions are exposed to the pore of this channel.[1]


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