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Ciboulot regulates actin assembly during Drosophila brain metamorphosis.

A dynamic actin cytoskeleton is essential for the remodeling of cell shape during development, but the specific roles of many actin partners remain unclear. Here we characterize a novel actin binding protein, Ciboulot (Cib), which plays a major role in axonal growth during Drosophila brain metamorphosis. Loss of Cib function leads to axonal growth defects in the central brain, while overexpression of the gene during development leads to overgrown projections. The Cib protein displays strong sequence similarity to beta-thymosins but has biochemical properties like profilin: the Cib- actin complex participates in actin filament assembly exclusively at the barbed end, and Cib enhances actin-based motility in vitro. Genetic experiments show that Cib and the Drosophila profilin protein Chickadee (Chic) cooperate in central brain metamorphosis.[1]


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