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Palisaded angioleiomyoma.

BACKGROUND: We report a case of a palisaded angioleiomyoma, a histopathologic variant of angioleiomyoma with prominent Verocay body formation. RESULTS: A healthy 31-year-old male requested removal of a subcutaneous nodule on the back of his head. The striking Verocay-like body formation of this tumor led to an initial frozen section diagnosis of neurilemoma. On hematoxylin and eosin staining, areas consistent with an angioleiomyoma were found as well. Immunohistochemistry gave positive reactions for actin and desmin, but was negative for S-100. CONCLUSIONS: To our knowledge this morphologic pattern in an angioleiomyoma has not been previously described. Palisaded angioleiomyoma should be added to the ever-expanding list of tumors that demonstrate nuclear palisades.[1]


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