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Gene Review

DES  -  desmin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CMD1I, CSM1, CSM2, Desmin, LGMD2R
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Disease relevance of DES


Psychiatry related information on DES

  • Factors for which the evidence of an etiologic role has mounted over the past several years, but which are not yet considered to be established, include the protective effects of parity and lactation in certain age groups and the increased risks associated with alcohol consumption and with DES exposure during pregnancy [5].
  • In recent years aluminum has been implicated as a possible etiological agent in DES and in Alzheimer's Disease. A common finding in these two conditions is an elevated brain aluminum content [6].
  • This study measured somatization (Screening Test for Somatoform Symptoms-2), dissociation (Dissociative Experience Scale, DES), and general psychopathology (Symptom Checklist-90-Revised, SCL-90) in 98 patients with PNES and 63 patients with epilepsy [7].
  • The depression group had experienced significantly higher numbers of traumatic incidents, had higher average DES scores, and more frequently met diagnostic criteria for PTSD [8].
  • Test-retest reliabilities within diagnostic groups of multiple personality disorder, dissociative disorder not otherwise specified, and a general other category of psychiatric diagnoses were obtained for total and subscale scores on the DES [9].

High impact information on DES

  • Among the myofibrillar proteins that characteristically accumulate within the muscle fibers of affected patients, the one found most consistently is desmin, a muscle-specific intermediate-filament protein responsible for the structural integrity of the myofibrils [10].
  • BACKGROUND: Myofibrillar myopathies, often referred to as desmin-related myopathies, are a heterogeneous group of inherited or sporadic distal-onset skeletal myopathies associated with cardiomyopathy [10].
  • RESULTS: Six missense mutations in the coding region of the desmin gene that cause the substitution of an amino acid were identified in 11 patients (10 members of 4 families and 1 patient with sporadic disease); a splicing defect that resulted in the deletion of exon 3 was identified in the other patient with sporadic disease [10].
  • Expression vectors containing normal or mutant desmin cDNA were introduced into cultured cells to determine whether the mutant desmin formed intermediate filaments [10].
  • Muscle cell lines transfected with the mutant CRYAB cDNA showed intracellular aggregates that contain both desmin and alphaB-crystallin as observed in muscle fibers from DRM patients [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of DES

  • Acridine orange fluorochrome distinguished vimentin/desmin-reactive myofibres that were regenerating from those of developmental myopathies because the RNA fluorescence was strong in regenerating myofibres and in fetal myotubes, but was absent from myofibres in developmental disorders of muscle [12].
  • So-called fibroepithelial polyps of the vagina exhibiting an unusual but uniform antigen profile characterized by expression of desmin and steroid hormone receptors but no muscle-specific actin or macrophage markers [13].
  • To evaluate the immunoexpression of desmin and actins in spindle cell lipomas of different histological subtypes a retrospective immunohistochemical study of 25 spindle cell lipomas using archival formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue was performed [14].
  • The demonstration of desmin by the monoclonal antibody which was used on the formaldehyde-fixed, paraffin-embedded material is of particular value in the diagnosis of rhabdomyosarcoma [15].
  • In saphenous vein grafts showing occlusive intimal hyperplasia (luminal stenosis > 76%), desmin expression in smooth muscle cells was increased again, and such cells were of a contractile form, suggesting remodulation from the synthetic phenotype [16].

Biological context of DES

  • With these antibodies, phosphorylation of desmin was observed specifically at the cleavage furrow in late mitotic Saos-2 cells [17].
  • Use of an antibody that specifically recognized desmin phosphorylated at Ser-59 led to the finding that the site is also phosphorylated specifically at the cleavage furrow during cytokinesis in Saos-2 cells [18].
  • Analysis of stably transfected cell lines indicates that the inability of desmin to form extended networks is not due to a difference in the level of transgene expression [19].
  • Vimentin and desmin are both strongly expressed in fetal myotubes and their immunohistochemical demonstration persists until 36 weeks' gestation [4].
  • The myoid, primarily myofibroblastic, phenotype of these lesions is supported by desmin, calponin, and occasional actin positivity [20].

Anatomical context of DES


Associations of DES with chemical compounds


Physical interactions of DES


Enzymatic interactions of DES


Co-localisations of DES


Regulatory relationships of DES

  • The two biphasic mesotheliomas which expressed desmin also expressed smooth muscle actin but were negative for myoglobin [35].
  • METHODS AND RESULTS: To determine whether a defect of desmin induces dilated cardiomyopathy, 44 probands with FDCM underwent clinical evaluation and DNA analysis [36].
  • We have analysed patients with desmin accumulation and have found that syncoilin is both upregulated at the sarcolemma and aggregates with desmin indicating the presence of two distinct protein populations [29].
  • Kidney RNA polymerase (RNA pol) I and III activities were significantly inhibited by 50% at days 8 and 15 of DES exposure compared to that of controls [37].
  • Furthermore, zeranol inhibited both the arachidonic acid and the hydrogen-peroxide-dependent oxidation of DES in contrast to indomethacin which inhibited only cyclooxygenase-dependent co-oxidation of DES [38].

Other interactions of DES


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DES


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