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Evaluation of efficacy of selamectin and fipronil against Ctenocephalides felis in cats.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate efficacy of monthly administration of selamectin and fipronil against Ctenocephalides felis in cats. DESIGN: Randomized controlled trial. ANIMALS: 36 healthy cats. PROCEDURE: Cats known to be free of fleas were infested with 100 unfed adult fleas on days -28 and -21. On days 0, 30, 60, 90, and 120, sixteen cats (8 pairs/treatment group) were treated by topical administration of selamectin (6 mg/kg [2.7 mg/lb] of body weight) or fipronil (7.5 mg/kg [3.4 mg/lb]). Four control cats (2 pairs) were not treated. On day -6 and every 2 weeks after initial treatment, comb counts were performed to detect fleas. Flea counts were recorded, and fleas (< or =50) that had been removed were replaced onto the cat. On day 89, fleas were not replaced. On day 91 and every 7 days until the end of the study (day 150), cats were challenged with 20 adult fleas. Flea counts were compared between and within treatments. RESULTS: 14 days after treatment, geometric mean flea counts were reduced by 71.2% by fipronil treatment and 35.3% by selamectin treatment. Both treatments resulted in 97 to 98% reduction in flea counts on day 29 and 99.8 to 100% reduction from day 44 to the end of the study. CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL Relevance: Selamectin is as effective as fipronil in treating infestation in cats housed for 3 months in a flea-infested environment under conditions known to support the flea life cycle and in protecting against subsequent weekly challenges with C felis for an additional 2 months.[1]


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