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Insertion of cellular NEDD8 coding sequences in a pestivirus.

For the cytopathogenic (cp) bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) strain CP 821, a duplication of the genomic region encoding part of NS2, NS3, NS4A, and part of NS4B together with a nonviral insertion was detected. Further analyses including molecular cloning and sequencing of the putative cellular recombination partner showed that the insertion in CP 821 originated from a bovine mRNA encoding the cellular protein NEDD8, which is 58% identical to ubiquitin. To our knowledge the genome of CP 821 represents the first viral RNA with a NEDD8 coding insertion. Remarkably, the insertion site differs from that described for insertions of ubiquitin. The NEDD8 sequence allows an additional cleavage of the viral polyprotein, whereby an NS3 with an unusual N-terminus is generated. Furthermore, the CP 821-specific genomic alterations were introduced into an infectious noncytopathogenic (noncp) BVDV cDNA clone. After transfection of bovine cells with the respective RNA, a cp virus was recovered. This showed that the NEDD8 coding insertion together with the duplicated viral sequences represents the genetic basis for cytopathogenicity of CP 821. In addition to the recovered cp virus, noncp BVDV rapidly evolved after transfection. This is the first time that a change from the cp to the noncp phenotype was demonstrated in the course of replication in tissue culture cells.[1]


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