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Complement-dependent immune complex-induced bronchial inflammation and hyperreactivity.

Bronchoconstriction responses in the airway are caused by multiple insults and are the hallmark symptom in asthma. In an acute lung injury model in mice, IgG immune complex deposition elicited severe airway hyperreactivity that peaked by 1 h, was maintained at 4 h, and was resolved by 24 h. The depletion of complement with cobra venom factor (CVF) markedly reduced the hyperreactive airway responses, suggesting that complement played an important role in the response. Blockade of C5a with specific antisera also significantly reduced airway hyperreactivity in this acute lung model. Complement depletion by CVF treatment significantly reduced tumor necrosis factor and histamine levels in bronchoalveolar lavage fluids, correlating with reductions in airway hyperreactivity. To further examine the role of specific complement requirement, we initiated the immune complex response in C5-sufficient and C5-deficient congenic animals. The airway hyperreactivity response was partially reduced in the C5-deficient mice. Complement depletion with CVF attenuated airway hyperreactivity in the C5-sufficient mice but had a lesser effect on the airway hyperreactive response and histamine release in bronchoalveolar lavage fluids in C5-deficient mice. These data indicate that acute lung injury in mice after deposition of IgG immune complexes induced airway hyperreactivity that is C5 and C5a dependent.[1]


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