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 Su,  Qi,  

Characterization of human MAPRE genes and their proteins.

The MAPRE genes encode the EB1 family proteins. The yeast EB1 protein had been shown to play important roles in microtubule dynamic regulation, cytokinesis, mitotic spindle positioning, and episome segregation. To facilitate functional studies of mammalian EB1 family proteins, we characterized the human MAPRE genes (MAPRE1, MAPRE2, and MAPRE3) and their proteins (EB1, RP1, and EBF3). We found that the three MAPRE genes had similar genomic structures but were on different chromosomes. We showed that EB1 family proteins appeared to be expressed ubiquitously. We identified two EBF3 proteins, which were encoded by alternatively spliced MAPRE3 mRNAs. We demonstrated that there were also two RP1 proteins, which were products of translation from different initiation codons. We showed that the three EB1 family proteins had different abilities to interact with APC in vitro, and we provided the first direct evidence for the association between endogenous EB1 and APC.[1]


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