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Differential gene expression in Thermotoga neapolitana in response to growth substrate.

We have previously shown that beta-galactosidase activity expressed in Thermotoga neapolitana cells grown on lactose is subject to repression by glucose when they are grown on both substrates whereas beta-galactosidase and beta-glucosidase activities observed in cells grown on cellobiose are not repressed by growth on both glucose and cellobiose. To examine the differential expression of bgalA, bgalB, bglA and bglB in T. neapolitana, total RNA was isolated from cells growing on either glucose, lactose or cellobiose as the sole source of carbon and transcripts encoding these genes were quantitated by Northern blot analyses. BglA expression was induced by cellobiose while bglB was expressed under all three conditions at a lower level. Expression of the beta-galactosidase genes, bgalA and bgalB, was detected only in lactose-grown cells. beta-Glucosidase enzyme activity was only found in cell extracts of cellobiose-grown cells while beta-galactosidase activity was found in both lactose- and cellobiose-grown cell extracts. Our results show that in cellobiose-grown cells, the high beta-glucosidase activity is likely due to expression of bglA and that neither bgalA nor bgalB is responsible for the beta-galactosidase activity.[1]


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