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Seventeen-year follow-up of massive osteolysis of the scapula.

A 14-year-old boy with massive osteolysis of the right scapula was treated by irradiation with a total dose of 58 Gy, using cobalt 60 (2 Gy per fraction) in 1983 and 1984. Histopathology in a biopsy specimen revealed hemangiomatosis associated with few osteoclasts and a lining of oval or spindle-shaped endothelial-like cells. The osteolysis has been interrupted since the last irradiation. In January 2000, 17 years after the initial treatment, the patient is working as a public officer, and shows no clinical signs of postradiation sarcoma. Radiographs show a residual scapula with sclerotic margin, associated with marked hypoplasia and atrophy of the right humerus. Ranges of motion of the right shoulder are 100 degrees on anterior elevation, 40 degrees on posterior elevation, and 70 degrees on abduction. The patient experiences no problems in daily living, except for difficulty in lifting.[1]


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