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Collagen XII mutation disrupts matrix structure of periodontal ligament and skin.

Collagen XII has been postulated to organize the extracellular matrix ( ECM) architecture of dense connective tissues such as the periodontal ligament (PDL) and skin. The objective of this study was to test this hypothesis in transgenic mice carrying a dominant interference mutation of collagen XII. The truncated alpha1(XII) collagen minigene construct MXIINC3(-), driven by the mouse alpha2(I) collagen promoter, was prepared and used to generate transgenic mouse lines. The PDL matrix fibers of molar teeth lost the ordered architecture characteristic of ligament tissue without noticeable inflammation. Cellular cement appeared to be disrupted at the PDL insertion. By confocal laser scanning microscopy, the PDL of transgenic mice demonstrated swollen and irregularly arranged collagen fibers associated with internal porosity. The skin of transgenic mice revealed the lack of matrix fiber structure in the papillary dermis. These results indicated that the dominant interference mutation of collagen XII disorganized the ECM architecture of PDL and skin.[1]


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