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Neurologic and electroencephalographic correlates in glutethimide intoxication.

Neurologic and electroencephalographic (EEG) examinations were performed every two hours during a case of severe glutethimide intoxication resulting from the acute ingestion of at least 15 grams of glutethimide. Neurologic data were reduced to 10 measurements of brainstem function and plotted as an index that varied cyclically in amplitude during the clinical course. Electroencephalographic data were computer-processed by power spectral methods and related to the brainstem function index. Good positive correlation existed between the frequency and reactivity of EEG activity and the level of brainstem function as reflected in the index. The cyclic and, sometimes, unilateral nature of the clinical findings previously reported in glutethimide coma was confirmed and seen to be reflected in the EEG. The present case also indicates that, in the absence of cerebral ischemia or hypoxemia secondary to cardiopulmonary depression, complete clinical recovery from glutethimide-induced coma is possible no matter how severe the presenting neurologic and EEG signs.[1]


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