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A regulatory role for neurokinin B in placental physiology and pre-eclampsia.

Tachykinin dogma has assumed, so far, that neurokinin B (NKB) is a neuropeptide that is not produced in any peripheral tissue even though its endogenous receptor, NK3, has been found in a number of locations throughout the human body. We have found an abundant source of peripheral NKB in the human and rat placenta. In this review we describe the discovery of NKB in the placenta and examine its possible role in placental physiology and pre-eclampsia ( PE). Excessive secretion of placental NKB into the maternal circulation during the third trimester of pregnancy has been found in women suffering from PE. This may provide the key to the cause of the multiple and complex symptoms associated with this potentially life-threatening illness. We also reveal the structural organisation of the human NKB gene for the first time as well as discussing putative mechanisms for its control.[1]


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