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Rumen undegradable protein, rumen-protected choline and mRNA expression for enzymes in gluconeogenesis and ureagenesis in periparturient dairy cows.

The objective of this study was to profile mRNA expression of argininosuccinate synthetase (AS) and ornithine transcarbamylase ( OTC), two enzymes that participate in the formation of urea in liver and compare these with changes in mRNA for pyruvate carboxylase ( PC) and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK) during the periparturient period in dairy cows. Forty-eight multiparous Holstein cows were fed isoenergetic prepartum diets that contained 10% RDP and either 4.0% RUP or 6.2% RUP and either 0, 6, or 12 g/d of rumen-protected choline (RPC) as CapShure (Balchem Corp., Slate Hill, NY). After calving cows received a common diet and continued RPC as per their prepartum assignments. Liver biopsies were obtained on d -28, -14, 1, 28, and 56 relative to calving, and the abundances of AS, OTC, PC, PEPCK, and 18S mRNA were determined by Northern blot analysis of total RNA. The abundance of OTC mRNA was lowest at calving and was decreased by RPC and 6.2% RUP feeding. Feeding 6.2% RUP did not alter AS, PC, or PEPCK mRNA. The expression of AS mRNA increased and PEPCK mRNA tended to increase from calving to 56 DIM. Pyruvate carboxylase mRNA increased more than twofold at calving. The data indicated adaptation to lactation for gluconeogenic enzymes that is not matched in direction and magnitude by changes in mRNA for urea cycle enzymes. Feeding additional protein, as RUP, failed to induce mRNA for key enzymes in gluconeogenesis or ureagenesis.[1]


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