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  • PEPCK-C is absent in fetal liver but appears at birth, concomitant with the capacity for gluconeogenesis [8].
  • Of the 80% of oxygen consumption coupled to ATP synthesis, approximately 25-30% is used by protein synthesis, 19-28% by the Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase, 4-8% by the Ca2(+)-ATPase, 2-8% by the actinomyosin ATPase, 7-10% by gluconeogenesis, and 3% by ureagenesis, with mRNA synthesis and substrate cycling also making significant contributions [9].
  • We show here that, while hepatocytes lacking PGC-1alpha are defective in the program of hormone-stimulated gluconeogenesis, the mice have constitutively activated gluconeogenic gene expression that is completely insensitive to normal feeding controls [10].
  • Hda1 also deacetylates subtelomeric domains containing normally repressed genes that are used instead for gluconeogenesis, growth on carbon sources other than glucose, and adverse growth conditions [11].
  • The rate of conversion of lactate to glucose (gluconeogenesis) decreased by 37 percent (P < 0.001), whereas lactate oxidation increased by 25 percent (P < 0.001) [12].

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