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A cell surface amine oxidase directly controls lymphocyte migration.

Lymphocytes leave the blood using a sequential adhesion cascade. Vascular adhesion molecule-1 (VAP-1) is a surface-expressed endothelial glycoprotein, which belongs to a distinct subgroup of monoamine oxidases. We show here that catalytic activity of VAP-1 on primary endothelial cells directly regulates lymphocyte rolling under defined laminar shear. VAP-1 seems to bind to a primary amino group presented on the lymphocyte surface and oxidatively deaminate it in a reaction, which results in the formation of a transient covalent bond between the two cell types. Instead, soluble reaction products (aldehydes and hydrogen peroxide) are not needed for the VAP-1-dependent rolling. Enzymatic regulation of lymphocyte adhesion to endothelium provides a previously unrecognized rapid way of controlling the extravasation process.[1]


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