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Gene Review

AOC3  -  amine oxidase, copper containing 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Copper amine oxidase, HPAO, Membrane primary amine oxidase, SSAO, Semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase, ...
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Disease relevance of AOC3


Psychiatry related information on AOC3

  • Our parsimonious conclusion is that there is a relation between the risk factors of AD and vascular dementia (diabetes, oxidative stress and chronic inflammation) and SSAO activity, which may originate from the vessel wall [5].
  • We have previously reported that membrane-bound SSAO is overexpressed in the cerebrovascular tissue of Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients [6].
  • SSAO activity was determined in plasma of control cases (n = 23) and patients suffering sporadic Alzheimer dementia, distributed according to the Global Deterioration Scale (GDS): mild (n = 33), moderate (n = 14), moderate-severe (n = 15) and severe dementia (n = 19) [6].

High impact information on AOC3


Chemical compound and disease context of AOC3


Biological context of AOC3


Anatomical context of AOC3


Associations of AOC3 with chemical compounds

  • The increase in SSAO activity observed in omental WAT likely results from an increased expression of the AOC3 gene since mRNA abundance and maximal benzylamine oxidation velocity were increased [18].
  • The hepatic sinusoids are perfused by blood at low flow rates, and sinusoidal endothelium lacks selectin expression and has low levels of CD31, suggesting that VAP-1 may play a specific role in lymphocyte recruitment to the liver [17].
  • DISCUSSION: The results suggest that VAP-1 levels are correlated with fasting glucose and insulin levels in morbidly obese subjects [3].
  • The sialic acids are indispensable for the function of VAP-1, since the desialylated form of VAP-1 no longer mediates lymphocyte binding [19].
  • In conclusion, VAP-1 naturally exists as a 170-kD sialoglycoprotein that uses sialic acid residues to interact with its counter-receptors on lymphocytes under nonstatic conditions [19].

Physical interactions of AOC3


Regulatory relationships of AOC3


Other interactions of AOC3


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AOC3

  • Intraperitoneal and oral administration of the AOC3 inhibitor significantly ameliorated rat AIA [16].
  • Moreover, the new VAP-1 inhibitor effectively prevented the extravasation of PMNs in an animal model of inflammation [15].
  • RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES: Clinical characteristics and serum VAP-1 levels in 20 morbidly obese subjects (mean BMI 38.84 kg/m(2)) were measured before and after vertical banded gastroplasty [3].
  • The serum concentration of soluble VAP-1 (sVAP-1) was evaluated by ELISA and VAP-1 expression in the skin by immunohistochemistry [4].
  • The 90-kD form of VAP-1 was only seen in an organ culture model, and may represent a monomeric or proteolytic form of the larger species [19].


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