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Transcriptional regulation of the rat eIF4E gene in cardiac muscle cells: the role of specific elements in the promoter region.

Eukaryotic initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) binds to the 7-methylguanosine cap of mRNA and facilitates binding of mRNA to the 40 S ribosome, a rate-limiting step in translation initiation. The expression of eIF4E mRNA and protein increases during growth of cardiac muscle cells (cardiocytes) in vitro. To examine transcriptional regulation of the rat eIF4E gene, 2.1 kB of the rat eIF4E promoter region was cloned and the contribution of specific elements in regulating transcription was determined in primary cultures of rat cardiocytes and in a murine C(2)C(12) myoblast cell line. Sequence analysis of the rat eIF4E promoter revealed 80% sequence similarity with human eIF4E. A putative distal E-box was found at -230 bp and a proximal E-box was located at -77 bp upstream of the transcription start site. Consensus AP-1 motifs were found at -839 and -901 bp and designated as the proximal AP-1 site and distal AP-1 site, respectively. Transfection of reporter gene constructs into cardiocytes showed that deletion of the region between -633 and -318 bp produced a 3-fold increase in basal transcription as compared to the 2.1 kB eIF4E promoter construct. Further deletion of the distal E-box region had no effect on transcription as compared with the 2.1 kB promoter, but deletion of both E-boxes eliminated transcriptional activity. Similar results were obtained in C(2)C(12) myoblasts. To further investigate transcriptional regulation, point mutations were made in the 2.1 kB eIF4E promoter. Mutation of either the distal or proximal E-box had minimal effects on activity in either cell type, but mutation of the distal AP-1 site significantly reduced eIF4E promoter activity by 66+/-4% in cardiocytes. In C(2)C(12) myoblasts, mutating the distal AP-1 site reduced activity by 30+/-4% We conclude that both E-boxes are required for maximal basal activity of the eIF4E promoter, and that the distal AP-1 motif may activate transcription.[1]


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