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The final report of the project 'AMINE' the Asia Pacific Medical Information Network using with ETS-V.

Volunteer groups led by the Tokai University School of Medicine and the Telemedicine Society of Japan (a Non-Governmental Organization) worked from 1992 to 1996 to successfully develop a medical network spanning the Asia Pacific region using the ETS-V Satellite. The effort was part of the Partners project, sponsored by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and the National Space Development Agency of Japan. From 25 ground stations, links to the telemedical network were installed at medical institutions at no cost. The stations included five in Papua New Guinea, five in Thailand, four in Cambodia, four in Fiji, one in China, and six in Japan. Designed exclusively for medical applications, the network was operated free of charge for users at these sites. While the 16-kHz FM-based (Frequency Modulation-based) network limited applications to the transmission of color still images and audio and packet networking, the project still achieved impressive results. The network allowed liberal and independent use of international communications, local communications, teleconferences, and teleconsultations, without requiring a hub station.[1]


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