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Synthesis of ferrocenyl alkenes, dienes, and enynes via samarium diiodide promoted tandem addition and dehydration of ferrocenyl carbonyls with halides.

A practical method for preparation of ferrocenyl alkenes, dienes, and enynes from ferrocenyl carbonyls was explored. A one-pot operation using samarium diiodide to promote the condensation reactions of ferrocenecarboxaldehyde, acetylferrocene, benzoylferrocene, and butanoylferrocene with benzyl bromides, allyl bromide, propargyl bromide, and 1-bromo-3-chlorobutane gave the olefinic products in very high yields. The condensation reactions were also achieved by using catalytic amounts of SmI(2) with magnesium to regenerate the divalent samarium reducing agent.[1]


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