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Replacement hormone therapy in gonadal dysgenesis.

Curettage carried out during the third week of treatment of ethinyl oestradiol in 14 patients with gonadal dysgenesis showed cystic glandular hyperplasia in seven patients developed a large endometrial polyp and in one atypical changes were found in the hyperplastic endometrium. In seven patients treated by an oestrogen-progestogen combination normal secretory endometrium was seen in five, proliferative change only in one (thought to be due to incorrect timing of the curettage) and a small proliferative polyp in association with secretory endometrium elsewhere in the uterus in the seventh. In view of these changes and report of adenocarcinoma of the endometrium in patients with gonadal dysgenesis treated with oestrogens alone it is suggested that a regime of low dose oestrogen therapy for 21 days accompanied by a progestogen on days 15 to 21 is preferable to oestrogens alone.[1]


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