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Gonadal Dysgenesis

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Disease relevance of Gonadal Dysgenesis


High impact information on Gonadal Dysgenesis

  • Thus, LHX9 mutations may underlie certain forms of isolated gonadal agenesis in humans [6].
  • We have now identified a mutation in SRY in one out of 12 sex-inversed XY females with gonadal dysgenesis who do not lack large segments of the short arm of the Y chromosome [7].
  • We have analysed the biochemical properties of the DNA binding domains (HMG-boxes) of mutant SRY proteins from five patients with complete gonadal dysgenesis [8].
  • In conclusion, secretion of AMH is a constitutive feature of the immature Sertoli cell and its expression is altered only by mutations of the AMH gene, but not by gonadal dysgenesis [9].
  • We now describe a novel 8-bp microdeletion of SF-1, isolated from a 46, XY patient who presented with gonadal agenesis but normal adrenal function, which causes premature termination upstream of sequences encoding the activation function 2 domain [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Gonadal Dysgenesis


Biological context of Gonadal Dysgenesis


Anatomical context of Gonadal Dysgenesis


Gene context of Gonadal Dysgenesis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gonadal Dysgenesis


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