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Assistive technology to improve PC interaction for people with intention tremor.

Many patients with upper limb intention tremor encounter difficulties in mouse-driven interaction with the personal computer (PC). An assistive technology system ("the Tremor Control System"), consisting of a motion-filtering software program that supports multiple interfaces, was developed and validated with 36 persons with Multiple Sclerosis in a multi-center trial. PC-tests, requiring basic functions such as cursor placement and click and drag function, were able to differentiate between patients and control subjects (ANOVA: p<0.05). A significant time improvement on the PC-tests was found when using an optimal alternative interface instead of the standard PC-mouse (paired t-tests: p<0.01 for Point & Click test, p<0.05 for Drag & Drop test and p<0.1 for Double Click test). A significant time improvement was found for the Double Click test (paired t-tests: p<0.05) when the motion-filtering program was implemented. The number of patients able to perform fully the PC-tests increased with the Tremor Control System. Patients with marked intention tremor seemed to profit especially from this assistive technology. These users reported that working with the Tremor Control System was less fatiguing and more comfortable compared to the use of the standard PC-mouse.[1]


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