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Upper Extremity

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  • A G80R mutation of Tbx5, which causes substantial cardiac defects with minor skeletal abnormalities in HOS, did not activate Nppa or show synergistic activation, whereas R237Q, which causes upper-limb malformations without cardiac abnormalities, activated the Nppa promoter to a similar extent to that of wildtype Tbx5 [11].
  • We suggest that during the evolution of TBX3 and TBX5 from a common ancestral gene, each has acquired specific yet complementary roles in patterning the mammalian upper limb [12].
  • The size of the GAA expansions (and particularly that of the smaller of each pair) was associated with the frequency of cardiomyopathy and loss of reflexes in the upper limbs [13].
  • Fifty-eight patients completed a 10-month randomized, double-blind study in which they applied either 0.1 percent tretinoin (n = 28) or vehicle (n = 30) cream daily to the face, upper extremities, or both [14].
  • Mean peak systolic blood pressure in the upper extremities decreased from 133.1 +/- 14.9 before angioplasty to 111.1 +/- 14.1 mm Hg at long-term follow-up (p less than 0.05) [15].

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