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Disease relevance of Microcomputers


Psychiatry related information on Microcomputers


High impact information on Microcomputers

  • Classical crystal optics has recently undergone a renaissance as developments in optical microscopy and polarimetry, enabled in part by sensitive imaging CCD cameras and personal computers, now permit the analytical separation of various optical effects that are otherwise convolved in polarized light micrographs [4].
  • By use of four desktop personal computers with AMD K7 (1 GHz) processors, our new method mapped more than 1.6 million SNP sequences in 20 hr and achieved a very good agreement with mapping results from alignment-based methods [5].
  • Personal computer programs to assist with self-monitoring of blood glucose and self-adjustment of insulin dosage [6].
  • PURPOSE: To retrospectively compare the accuracy of observer performance with personal computer (PC) compared with that with dedicated picture archiving and communication system (PACS) workstation display in the detection of wrist fractures on computed radiographs [7].
  • For stimulation, a personal computer version of the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test was used [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Microcomputers


Biological context of Microcomputers


Anatomical context of Microcomputers

  • The images were then transferred to the personal computer, where consecutive dorsal translations of C5 vertebrae with a 1-mm increment from 1 to 5-mm displacements were performed using Microsoft paint software (Microsoft, Corp., Redmond, WA) [15].

Associations of Microcomputers with chemical compounds


Gene context of Microcomputers

  • MINA: monitoring of intravenous anaesthesia. A system to monitor the infusion of 4 intravenous drugs under the control of a personal computer [21].
  • To demonstrate the potential use of subpixel image processing methods to perform automated Hirschberg measurements of strabismic deviations using relatively inexpensive personal computer hardware; to determine if the method might allow screening for strabismus using full-face video images obtained from a distance of 1 meter [22].
  • METHODS AND MATERIALS: The CT scan of an eligible patient was installed on an "auto-run" CD-ROM incorporating a contouring program based on ImageJ for Windows, which runs on any personal computer equipped with a CD-ROM drive [23].
  • The program works on widely available personal computers and takes 2 to 8 hours of CPU time to run any of the docking tests herein presented [24].
  • An efficient program, which runs on a personal computer, for the storage, retrieval, and processing of chemical information, is presented, The program can work both as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with a specifically written Web server application or with some standard SQL servers, e.g., Oracle, Interbase, and MS SQL [25].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Microcomputers

  • All subjects had undergone a standard Bruce protocol exercise test, and QT intervals were measured at rest and peak exercise with a digitizing tablet interfaced to a personal computer [26].
  • We have developed a neural network based alarm system that identifies 19 specific faults in the anesthesia breathing circuit, such as "Inspiratory Hose Leak," or "Y-Piece Disconnection." CO2, pressure, and expired flow waveforms, along with ventilator settings, were sampled by a personal computer [27].
  • A local Personal Computer (PC) network program has been designed to improve training and patient care in Family and Community Medicine set-up [28].
  • Signal-averaged ECG data acquired at two clinical sites (Mayo Clinic and Bowman Gray School of Medicine) using the MAC15 HIRES system were filtered using a 40-Hz fast Fourier transform (FFT) filter with a 6 dB/octave rolloff on an IBM-compatible personal computer [29].
  • Practical usefulness of a teleradiology system using CCD camera, personal computer and telephone line was evaluated in a daily clinical practice [30].


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