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Molecular characterization of a novel glycoprotein hormone G-protein-coupled receptor.

We report the molecular characterization of a novel G-protein-coupled receptor, GPR48, that resembles proteins in the glycoprotein hormone receptor family. The full-length human GPR48 cDNA is comprised of 951 amino acids. The large extracellular amino terminus of 538 residues is composed of seventeen leucine-rich repeats (LRR). The genomic structure of GPR48 has several features in common with genes in the glycoprotein hormone receptor family. Analogous to these receptors, most of the LRR are encoded on single small exons, and the last exon encodes the seven transmembrane segments. The complete gene spans more than 60 kb with 18 exons and 17 introns. Northern blot analysis demonstrated high expression of GPR48 in the adult human pancreas, with moderate levels of expression in placenta, kidney, brain, and heart. Additionally, this receptor is expressed as early as 7 days post coitus in the mouse, indicating its potential involvement in development.[1]


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