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The effect of non-ionic detergent tween 80 on colcemid-resistant transformed mouse cells in vitro.

The effect of the non-ionic detergent tween 80 on one colcemid-resistant and one sensitive subline of mouse L cells has been studied. The colcemid-resistant subline was also resistant to colchicine and Vinca alkaloids. Tween 80 at concentrations of 0.01% (v/v) or higher increased the sensitivity of drug-resistant cells to the antimitotic effect of colcemid, colchicine and vinblastine. Tween 80 also potentiated the initial rate and the maximal level of the (3-H)-cholchicine uptake by both sensitive and resistant cells. However, the detergent at concentrations of up to 1% had no effect on (3-H)-colchicine binding by cell homogenates. Thus it appears that the effects of tween 80 were due to an increase in cell membrane permeability to the drugs. The effect was completely reversible. The cells did not become adapted to the sensitizing action of tween 80 even after prolonged incubation in medium containing the detergent. A considerable increase in the permeability to the drug was obtained with doses of tween 80 which were non-toxic and which had no effect on cell proliferation, morphology and locomotion. The increase in membrane permeability caused by tween 80 at these concentrations was selective, the membrane permeability to ions and to (3-H)-2-deowy-D-glucose being, in fact, unchanged.[1]


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