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Inhibition of androgen receptor-mediated transcription by amino-terminal enhancer of split.

A yeast two-hybrid assay has identified an androgen-dependent interaction of androgen receptor (AR) with amino-terminal enhancer of split (AES), a member of the highly conserved Groucho/TLE family of corepressors. Full-length AR, as well as the N-terminal fragment of AR, showed direct interactions with AES in in vitro protein-protein interaction assays. AES specifically inhibited AR-mediated transcription in a well-defined cell-free transcription system and interacted specifically with the basal transcription factor (TFIIE) in HeLa nuclear extract. These observations implicate AES as a selective repressor of ligand-dependent AR-mediated transcription that acts by directly interacting with AR and by targeting the basal transcription machinery.[1]


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