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Markedly reduced chronic nociceptive response in mice lacking the PAC1 receptor.

The neuropeptide pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide (PACAP) has been proposed to have a role in nociception. Here we have used the formalin test, thermal laser stimulation and mechanical von Frey stimulation to investigate possible alteration of PAC1-/- mice nociceptive behaviour. Our finding, that PAC1-/- mice have a substantial, 75% decrease in nociceptive response during the late phase, provides clear evidence that the specific PACAP-receptor PAC1 is involved in the mediation of nociceptive responses during chronic conditions such as inflammation. PAC1-/- mice had small or no changes in the response to mechanical and thermal laser stimulation. This suggests a limited, if any, involvement of PAC1 in nociception after short-lasting stimuli. Injury-induced changes in DRG neuropeptide expression were more pronounced in PAC1-/- mice, implying neuroregulatory functions of PAC1.[1]


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