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Conversion in the requirement of coat protein in cell-to-cell movement mediated by the cucumber mosaic virus movement protein.

Plant viruses have movement protein (MP) gene(s) essential for cell-to-cell movement in hosts. Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) requires its own coat protein ( CP) in addition to the MP for intercellular movement. Our present results using variants of both CMV and a chimeric Brome mosaic virus with the CMV MP gene revealed that CMV MP truncated in its C-terminal 33 amino acids has the ability to mediate viral movement independently of CP. Coexpression of the intact and truncated CMV MPs extremely reduced movement of the chimeric viruses, suggesting that these heterogeneous CMV MPs function antagonistically. Sequential deletion analyses of the CMV MP revealed that the dispensability of CP occurred when the C-terminal deletion ranged between 31 and 36 amino acids and that shorter deletion impaired the ability of the MP to promote viral movement. This is the first report that a region of MP determines the requirement of CP in cell-to-cell movement of a plant virus.[1]


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