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Current multicentre studies with the excimer laser: design and aims.

Excimer laser ablation to remove atherosclerotic plaque has been used for over a decade as a methodology to treat cardiovascular disease. Improvements in the technique and technology of excimer laser angioplasty, coupled with the recognition of new clinical opportunities for this treatment modality, have resulted in a resurgence of interest in the laser. Three clinical trials are now being conducted to explore potential applications, including the LARS trial of excimer laser versus balloon angioplasty to treat in-stent restenosis, the PELA trial of excimer laser angioplasty in occluded superficial femoral artery disease, and the LACI trial of excimer laser angioplasty in limb-threatening ischaemia. This article describes the rationale and objectives of these new approaches to some of the more challenging problems in cardiovascular disease.[1]


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