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Effects of orally active taxanes on P-glycoprotein modulation and colon and breast carcinoma drug resistance.

BACKGROUND: The taxane paclitaxel (Taxol) is often of limited efficacy in chemotherapeutic regimens because some cancer cells express high levels of the efflux pump, P-glycoprotein ( Pgp), which removes the drug from the cells. The orally active paclitaxel analog IDN-5109 has been reported to overcome Pgp-mediated drug resistance. We tested whether IDN-5109 acts by modulating Pgp activity. METHODS: Human MDA435/LCC6mdr1 and MDA435/LCC6 breast carcinoma cells, which express and do not express Pgp, respectively, were incubated with [3H]IDN-5109 and paclitaxel to determine intracellular drug accumulation. Flow cytometry was used to analyze intracellular retention of two Pgp substrates, rhodamine 123 (Rh-123) and doxorubicin, in both breast carcinoma cell lines and in human colon carcinoma cells (SW-620, DLD1, and HCT-15, whose Pgp levels vary) treated with different taxanes. The effects of IDN-5109 and paclitaxel on tumor growth in vivo were studied with the use of tumors established through xenografts of Pgp-expressing SW-620 and DLD1 cells in severe combined immunodeficiency mice. All statistical tests were two-sided. RESULTS: Pgp-expressing cells treated with IDN-5109 or with the taxane-based drug resistance reversal agent tRA96023, which blocks Pgp activity, retained 8.1- and 9.4-fold more Rh-123 (P =.0001), respectively, and 1.7- and 1.9-fold more doxorubicin (P =.001), respectively, than cells treated with paclitaxel. Non- Pgp-expressing cells treated similarly demonstrated no increased retention of either substrate. MDA435/LCC6mdr1 cells retained 5.3-fold more [3H]IDN-5109 than [3H]paclitaxel after 2 hours (P =.01). IDN-5109 showed statistically significantly higher tumor growth inhibition than paclitaxel against the SW-620 xenograft (P =.003). CONCLUSIONS: IDN-5109 modulates Pgp activity, resulting in superior tumor growth inhibition against Pgp-expressing tumors as compared with paclitaxel. IDN-5109 may broaden the spectrum of taxane use to include colon tumors.[1]


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