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Kanamycin in the treatment of penicillinase-producing gonococcai infections.

A retrospective study of 356 cases of bacteriologically proven penicillinase-producing gonococcal infections treated with a single dose of 2 g of kanamycin intramuscularly was carried out. It was found that 14 patients failed to complete followup examinations. Of the remaining 342 who were examined bacteriologically following treatment, 335 were found to be cured of the infection. The cure rate was 96%. No adverse reactions were noted after administration of the drug. Compared to the other drugs used, kanamycin was relatively cheaper. The authors conclude that kanamycin is safe, economical and very effective in the treatment of gonorrhoea caused by the strains of penicillinase-producing Neisseria gonorrhoeae in South East Asia.[1]


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