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Relation between clinical and therapeutic variables and quality of life in hypertension.

OBJECTIVE: Study the relation between quality of life (QoL) and various clinical, therapeutic and sociodemographic variables in treated hypertensive patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A prospective study was carried out in 92 primary care centres in Spain. A total of 269 hypertensive patients were selected and 106 healthy normotensive individuals were included as controls. At the time of inclusion a wide range of clinical variables was documented. QoL was assessed at baseline and 1 month after the intensification of antihypertensive therapy, using a self-administered, specific hypertension, 56-item questionnaire in addition to the generic EuroQoL-5D. RESULTS: QoL was poorer among the hypertensive subjects than among the normotensive individuals, even adjusting for the differences observed between the groups (age, sex, education and working status). The same was found with the EuroQol-5D. In the hypertensive subjects, after applying a multiple regression equation, only four variables significantly retained their negative impact on QoL: sex (female), greater organ damage and higher heart rate and weight. After the intensification of antihypertensive therapy with irbesartan, QoL improved significantly. Neither the presence of side-effects during the month of follow-up, nor the degree of BP reduction showed a significant impact on QoL, although the latter came close to statistical significance. CONCLUSIONS: Hypertensive patients have significantly poorer QoL than normotensive subjects, even with adjustment for differences. In hypertensives, QoL is affected by some clinical variables that might help us to identify those with worse QoL. Intensification of antihypertensive therapy produced a positive impact on QoL.[1]


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