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Quality of Life

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Disease relevance of Quality of Life


Psychiatry related information on Quality of Life


High impact information on Quality of Life


Chemical compound and disease context of Quality of Life

  • IIP reduced blood glucose fluctuations compared with MDI (P<.001), and reduced the incidence of mild clinical hypoglycemia by 68% (P<.001); IIP also eliminated the weight gain associated with MDI therapy and yielded better overall quality-of-life (P=.03) and impact-of-disease subscale scores (P=.05) [16].
  • CONCLUSION: Gabapentin monotherapy appears to be efficacious for the treatment of pain and sleep interference associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and exhibits positive effects on mood and quality of life [17].
  • OBJECTIVE: To determine if current EDTA protocols have a favorable impact on exercise ischemia threshold and quality of life measures in patients with stable ischemic heart disease [18].
  • To help document the achievement of palliation and to characterize positive and negative effects of treatment, we evaluated quality-of-life (QOL) parameters in patients with metastatic prostate cancer who were randomly assigned to two methods of androgen deprivation [19].
  • Raltitrexed showed similar response rates and overall survival to the de Gramont regimen and was easier to administer, but resulted in greater toxicity and inferior quality of life [20].

Biological context of Quality of Life


Anatomical context of Quality of Life


Associations of Quality of Life with chemical compounds


Gene context of Quality of Life

  • A multicenter randomized controlled trial was performed to assess the role of high-dose TMX versus placebo (P) in the treatment of patients with inoperable HCC with respect to survival and quality of life (QoL) [34].
  • CONCLUSION: Among women who test positive for a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation, prophylactic surgery at a young age substantially improves survival, but unless genetic risk of cancer is high, provides no benefit for quality of life [35].
  • METHODS: Data from an ongoing longitudinal, observational study in Norway were used to assess changes in health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in patients with RA (n = 291) and AS (n = 62) [36].
  • Reduced indirect costs through improved disability scores and improved health-related quality of life are also predictable with the use of COX-2-specific inhibitors [37].
  • In summary, epoetin alfa is an effective alternative to blood transfusion, reducing anaemia and producing consequent improvements in quality of life in many nonrenal applications [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Quality of Life


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