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Effect of fetal calf serum on the cadmium clastogenicity.

Inconsistent results among reports on cadmium genotoxicity revealed that certain confounding factors might significantly influence the outcomes of assessment. In Chinese hamster ovary (CHO-W8) cells, chromosome aberration induced by six different cadmium compounds was found positively associated with intracellular cadmium concentration. A parallel association was also observed among different CHO strains treated with same cadmium compound, the cadmium acetate. Both the cadmium-induced chromosome aberration and cadmium uptake were influenced by the presence of fetal calf serum (FCS). The presence of 10% FCS during the 2h treatment period greatly retarded the cellular cadmium uptake, and concurrently reduced the chromosome aberration induction. Other factors such as specific cadmium anion involved and the duration of cadmium treatment period in the investigation also influenced the assessment results of cadmium-induced chromosome aberration. In the protocol with a 2h pulse treatment, cadmium acetate, chloride and sulfate induced more chromosome aberration than cadmium nitrate, carbonate and oxide. When cadmium was present in the culture of the entire treatment period for 18 h, the results went the opposite way. Cadmium nitrate, carbonate and oxide induced significant chromosome aberration, while other three cadmium compounds gave negative results. Cadmium compounds did not induce significant SCE at the same dose level that yielded significant chromosome aberration induction, either in the protocol with the short pulse or long treatment period.[1]


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