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Caries prevalence amongst handicapped children of South Canara district, Karnataka.

This epidemiological investigation was carried out among 524 handicapped children in the age group of 3-30 years, attending 8 different non-residential special schools in South Canara district, Karnataka. The examination procedure and criteria were those recommended by W.H.O. in 1997. The total caries prevalence was found to be 71.56%. The mean deft in the primary dentition was found to be 3.06 +/- 3.14. The mean deft and DMFT in the mixed dentition were 3.32 +/- 2.82 and 1.14 +/- 1.08 respectively. The mean DMFT in the permanent dentition was 4.51 +/- 3.17. The prevalence of dental caries was higher in the mentally subnormal and handicapped children. The decayed component constituted the majority of the dental caries index. Lack of conservative approach to the treatment had been confirmed in the study.[1]


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