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C-MYC and IGF-II mRNA-binding protein (CRD-BP/IMP-1) in benign and malignant mesenchymal tumors.

Mouse coding region determinant-binding (mCRD-BP) and human IGF-II mRNA- binding 1 (hIMP-1) proteins are orthologous mRNA- binding proteins that recognize c-myc and IGF-II mRNA, respectively, and regulate their expression posttranscriptionally. Here, we confirm that human CRD-BP/IMP-1 binds to c-myc mRNA and that it is predominantly expressed in fetal tissues. Moreover, hCRD-BP/IMP-1 expression was detected in cell lines of neoplastic origin and in selected primary tumors. In a series of 33 malignant and 10 benign mesenchymal tumors, 73% and 40%, respectively, were found to express hCRD-BP/IMP-1. In particular, expression was significant in 14 Ewing's sarcomas, all of which were positive. The data suggest that hCRD-BP/IMP-1 plays a role in abnormal cell proliferation in mesenchymal tumors.[1]


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