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Novel form of fibronectin from zebrafish mediates infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus infection.

The presence of a novel form of zebrafish fibronectin ( FN2) on the cell surface increased the cell's susceptibility to infection by infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV). Unlike other fibronectins, FN2 possesses a truncated structure and accumulates on the cell surface instead of in the extracellular matrix. Fish embryo cells expressing recombinant FN2 were more susceptible to IHNV infection, with a greater percentage of cells exhibiting cytopathic effect (CPE) compared to nontransfected control cells. Incubation of nontransfected cells with soluble recombinant FN2 increased IHNV infection, as measured by plaque assay. The number of plaques increased in correlation with the amount of protein added and the length of time that cells were incubated with the protein. Incubation of IHNV with soluble FN2 before addition to cells also increased infection. FN2 immobilized on the culture surface inhibited IHNV infection. The results indicate that FN2 present on the cell surface is able to mediate IHNV attachment and cell entry.[1]


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