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Beta-adrenergic mechanisms in action tremor.

To study the mechanisms by which propranolol suppresses essential tremor, accelerometric recordings were made from four normal subjects and eight patients with that tremor, and small amounts of isoproterenol and propranolol were infused intravenously or into one brachial artery. Intra-arterial isoproterenol increased tremor amplitude selectively in that arm in normal subjects and in patients with essential tremor (range, 1.85 to 3.50 with mean 2.74 times the base-line level). Intra-arterial or intravenous propranolol quickly blocked the enhanced action tremor in both groups. It did not simultaneously affect the underlying essential tremor, whereas long-term oral propranolol therapy did diminish the amplitude of the essential tremor in each patient. Peripheral beta-adrenergic tremorogenic receptors function normally even in patients with essential tremor; their function is not necessary for the production of essential tremor, and the efficacy of chronic propranolol therapy in the suppression of essential tremor is not mediated via its peripheral beta-adrenergic blocking action.[1]


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