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Water compartmentalization and spread of ischemic injury in thick-slice ischemia model.

Water compartmentalization was studied in a thick-slice (1000 microm) model of ischemia by combining water-content measurements with extracellular diffusion analysis. Thick slices bathed in artificial cerebrospinal fluid continually gained water. Total tissue water content was increased by 67% after 6 hours of the incubation. Diffusion measurements using the tetramethylammonium method showed that the extracellular space, typically occupying 20% of brain tissue in vivo, was decreased to 10% at 30 minutes and 15% at 6 hours in both deep and superficial layers of thick slices. Quantification of water compartmentalization revealed that water moved initially from the extracellular space into the cells. Later, however, both compartments gained water. The initial cell swelling was accompanied by dramatic shifts in potassium. An initial rise of extracellular potassium to about 50 mmol/L was measured with a potassium-selective microelectrode positioned in the center of the thick slice; the concentration decreased slowly afterwards. Potassium content analysis revealed a 63% loss of tissue potassium within two hours of the incubation. In thick slices, ionic shifts, water redistribution, and a loss of synaptic transmission occur in both deep and superficial layers, indicating the spread of ischemic conditions even to areas with an unrestricted supply of nutrients.[1]


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