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Notoedric and sarcoptic mange in free-ranging lynx from Switzerland.

Between March and December 1999, five free-ranging lynx (Lynx lynx) affected by mange were found dead or shot by game wardens in the Swiss Alps. In the first two cases, Notoedres cati was isolated from the skin; in the third and fourth case, Sarcoptes scabiei was the cause of the infection; and in the fifth case, a mixed infection was diagnosed. Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) affected with sarcoptic mange and domestic cats infested with N. cati are likely to be the sources of infection. It seems improbable that mange will occur as an epidemic in lynx in Switzerland, but losses due to infections with N. cati and/or S. scabiei may have an impact on this small, geographically limited lynx population. This is the first report of notoedric mange in a free-ranging lynx and the first report of mange in lynx from Switzerland.[1]


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