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Characterization of the calcium-dependent proteolytic system in a mouse muscle cell line.

Many studies have demonstrated that the calcium-dependent proteolytic system (calpains and calpastatin) is involved in myoblast differentiation. It is also known that myogenic differentiation can be studied in vitro. In the present experiments, using a mouse muscle cell line (C2C12) we have analyzed both the sequences of appearance and the expression profiles of calpains 1, 2, 3 and calpastatin during the course of myoblast differentiation. Our results mainly show that the expression of ubiquitous calpains (calpain 1 and 2) and muscle-specific calpain (calpain 3) at the mRNAs level as well as at the protein level do not change significantly all along this biological process. In the same time, the specific inhibitor of ubiquitous calpains, calpastatin, presents a stable expression at mRNAs level as well as protein level, all along myoblast to myotube transition. A comparison with other myogenic cells is presented.[1]


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